Mountain Empire USD

Located in the Cleveland National Forest

Student Dress Code

Student dress is expected to be an essential component in maintaining a safe & orderly school environment.  In keeping with the philosophy of the Board of Trustees that students dressed in a school appropriate manner contribute to a safe & positive learning environment where all students are free to express their individuality in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights, or demean the existence, of other students, and to insure AltEd is in keeping with community standards of appropriate dress, a committee has developed the following regulations to assist students in meeting adequate health & safety standards, maintain norms of behavior, prevent campus disruption, and promote good citizenship.

Clothing must be school appropriate, clean, in good repair, and worn as designed.  Wearing apparel, garments and/or accessories may not contain words or images that:

  • Contain double meanings which may be construed to be either sexual, illegal, or patently offensive in nature.
  • Display profane or obscene words, phrases or images which are sexually explicit.
  • Display images of vulgar gestures, racial, ethnic or sexual slurs.
  • Display advertising, or promotion of any alcoholic or tobacco product, or verbal message. or image which publicizes or encourages the use of these products, or drugs of any type.

The following apparel is NOT ALLOWED to be worn during school hours, including any after school programs, or any school-sponsored event:

  • Generally– Any garment that can be construed by AltEd administration as being an undergarment, sleepwear, swimwear or beachwear.
  • Shirts/Tops for all students that allow a student’s undergarments, or torso skin to be seen, whether the material is considered sheer, opaque, mesh or net.
  • Shirts/tops for all students which has a neck opening that falls below an imaginary line extending across the student’s chest extending from the armpits.
  • Shirts/tops for female students which are sleeveless, and do not have straps (a strip of material between the arm opening and the neck opening) that are at least 2” wide, at the narrowest point. Note:  Sleeveless or “tank tops” for male students are considered an undergarment and/or beachwear, and therefore not school appropriate.
  • Simple, plain white T-shirts
  • Tops/shirts for all students which allow the midriff to be exposed.
  • Any outerwear garment that allows a student’s undergarments or inset pockets to be exposed.



  • Shorts that do not cover the upper 1/3 of the thigh for female students, or the upper 1/2 of the thigh for male students. 
  • Skirts and dresses for female students must cover the upper ½ of the thigh.  Note:  Skirts/dresses are not considered school appropriate attire for male students.
  • Garments that contain “designer” holes, tears or shreads in the garment.
  • Headgear (hats, bandanas, hoods, etc.) while indoors during regular school hours.
  • Belt buckles, or necklaces displaying letter, numbers or images which can be construed to be a reference to the drug culture, sexually suggestive/demeaning acts, or related to identified gang activities.
  • Chains (including dog chains), large metallic jewelry or accessories that can be used as weapons during time of campus unrest, or in a fight.
  • Paisley print bandanas (any color), worn in any manner, due to their prevalent association with a variety of gang activity.
  • Footwear which does not have either hard leather, or thick, soles resistant to punctures by foreign objects.  Appropriate, safe footwear must be worn at all time while students are at school or school sponsored activities.


Corrective Action

Students can expect school administration may take the following corrective action for violations of the dress code, including, but not limited to:

  •  Confiscation of the offending accessory (hat, jewelry, etc.) and release to the student or parent as appropriate.
  • Being directed to change out of the offending item (shirt/top) and exchanging it out of a school provided shirt/top until the end of the day.
  • Being held in the administrative offices until appropriate pants/shirts/shorts can be delivered from home, or confined to ISS for the balance of the day.
  • Student with “sagging” pants exposing their undergarments will be required to wear a temporary “zip tie” belt to maintain the pants at waist level.
  • Students may not wear a jacket, sweatshirt, sweater or other garment as a suitable corrective action to cover an inappropriate item of clothing.

AltEd administration will make final determination regarding the appropriateness of individual student attire.  Students who persist in any of these infractions will be considered defiant and appropriate disciplinary action may be taken.  The school at no time is responsible for loss or theft of confiscated items.  The dress code is a dynamic document and changes may be made any time during the school year.