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How to Embed Powerpoint in to your Schoolwires pages.

  1. Open the Powerpoint presentation you want to display and Save As either a Web Archive (PP 2002 and earlier) or a Single File Web Page (PP 2003 and 2007). Make sure there’s no spaces or special characters in the filename.  This should produce an MHTML file.
  2.  In your Schoolwires Section Workspace, use the Files and Folders tool to upload the MHTML file you created.
  3.  Once the file is uploaded, select the URL button and click the Full URL to copy it to your clipboard (URL button is located to the right of the file on the Files and Folders pop-up).
  4.  Navigate to the page you want to embed the PP presentation into and position your cursor in the editing area where you want the presentation to display.
  5.  Select the Open Toolbox button, then select the ActiveBlocks tool. Select the Embed Complex Content ActiveBlock.
  6. Enter the URL in the field when prompted. Be sure that theres only one http:// at the beginning of the URL. 
  7. Select Insert