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 What interests can you turn into a career?

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 Exploring your interests through an interest inventory is a great way to identify the areas for which you hold interest and what career align with those interest categories.
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 Visit the California Career Zone and assess yourself to identify the interest categories that work for you and what careers you want to pursue. 
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Resumes, Interviews, Professional References:
What does it all mean?
  • Creating a resume may be your initial step into the professional world. There are many helpful aids and guidelines as well as resume builders online, so use what is already created to your benefit and don't start from scratch!  Here is a helpful, brief guideline to assist you on your way: How to Create Your Resume

  • Interviews can be a nerve racking experience. There is the three steps in the interview process that include the before the interview preparation, during the interview delivery, and after the interview.  Take the time to view the following video: "How to Rock Your Next Interview"

  • It is never too early to start collecting your professional references.

Download and print the following Brag Sheet - Recommendation Form to give to your selected teachers, administrators, counselors, or volunteer/paid position manager when you request a letter of reference.